Sure, stress-free travel might sound like an oxymoron. But as rewarding as travel experiences can be, it’s worth adjusting to a few uncomfortable scenarios in order to have the opportunity to get away. Still, there are ways you can achieve less stress during your travels, without shelling out for first-class accommodations on every leg of the journey. Check out these stress-free travel tips, and get to packing!

Employ Technology to Enhance Your Trip

Modern travel is much simpler thanks to devices and applications. Here are a few that are budget-friendly yet trip-enhancing.

  • Set up Google flight tracking alerts to see when tickets to your desired destination drop in price.
  • Try free smartphone applications for scoring deals and navigating during your travels.
  • Download translation apps for your iPhone so you can communicate in any language.
  • Grab a hotspot for travel so you always have internet access, no matter where you wind up.

Try Travel Hacks to Skip Common Struggles

From fighting to zip your suitcase to forgetting essentials at home, common struggles can make prepping for your trip stressful. Try these travel hacks for a smoother prep stage.

  • Grab a simple checklist for travel packing so you don’t forget the essentials.
  • Learn how to maximize space in your backpack or suitcase so you can pack more efficiently.
  • Use inexpensive packing cubes or even zipper bags to stay organized and keep items in your bag clean.
  • Keep baggage fee extras in mind and plan ahead to reduce the odds of having to pay.

Load Up on the Right Gear and Tech

Before you hit the road, make sure you have the right gear to make your tech easier to handle (and protect).

  • Research what types of plugs and sockets your travel destination has (so you don’t waste money on the wrong charger).
  • If you plan to purchase travel insurance, check for technology coverage and limits.
  • Think about adding a pop socket to your smartphone for fewer drops and less slippage while snapping the perfect shot.
  • Be proactive about protecting your smartphone from the elements and from pickpockets.

Why is travel so stressful? It’s mostly because would-be travelers head out unprepared. Fortunately, with these tips, you can travel stress-free without breaking the bank.

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