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About Sean

A lover of luxury and seamless travel experiences. Equally at home taking a sunbed siesta snooze or trekking the sites of an old city.

I’ve built Travel Four Seasons to provide clients the service I like to receive. Experienced in Worldwide tailor-made and package holidays, with a special focus on finding the small elements of service that make your holiday experience that bit more special.

About Hayley

I have been lucky enough to work in the travel industry for 17 years and am passionate about opening the world, and it’s wonders to my clients!

I have visited over 40 countries worldwide gaining many wonderful experiences along the way.

It would be extremely difficult to choose my favourite but if push came to shove it would have to be Thailand for its glorious beaches, varied culture and the friendly locals along with Australia for its unique wildlife and fine wines. 

It would be an absolute pleasure to be part of planning your next dream trip, whether that be a weekend away in New York, a luxury beach holiday or a safari adventure. I would love nothing more than to be able to help you turn your dreams into reality and create the perfect holiday for you!

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