Experience a cultural awakening in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, where age-old traditions and authentic culture sit alongside opulent beachfront resorts and dazzling contemporary attractions.

1 – Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Discover a place where wildlife roams free, from frolicking flamingos to proud egrets perched in the shallows. This diverse ecosystem boasts lush mangrove forests, powder-white beaches and a tranquil tidal creek, attracting over sixty different species of bird life and popular with outdoor adventurers and eco-tourists. Guests can opt to journey through the misty mangroves by kayak, getting up close to the extensive wildlife, or simply drink in the tranquil panoramas across the creek at one of the nearby waterfront cafés.


2 – Masfout

Escape the simmering heat of the city and head into the rugged mountain range of Hajar to explore the captivating enclave of Masfout. This quaint mountain citadel evokes a sense of a bygone era, attracting hiking enthusiasts keen to embrace the great outdoors, and blown away by the expansive, untouched landscapes. Due to the high altitude, temperatures are also considerably cooler here than on the coast, making it a popular day trip in the sweltering summer months.


3 – Souk Saleh

Mingle with the locals at Souk Saleh, one of Ajman’s busiest shopping spots famed for its high quality traditional tailoring. Marvel at the historical façade and authentic interior design as you browse the eclectic wares on offer, with rugged timber beams and a palm-weave roof. Expect to haggle with stall holders as you indulge in a spot of retail therapy and treat yourself to a memorable trinket or two, from silk pashminas with intricate embroidery to quaint curios themed around the historic pearl trade.


4 – Ajman Beach

Ajman boasts a range of decadent seafront resorts offering opalescent stretches of private coastline, making it the perfect destination for sun-worshippers seeking total relaxation. The calm turquoise waters lend themselves perfectly to paddling and swimming, while plush beachfront cabanas invite visitors to laze the day away beneath flawless blue skies. If you’re looking to get out on the open ocean, there’s plenty of hotels offering fishing trips and laid-back sailings, with paddle boarding and jet-skiing available for those seeking more of an adrenaline-rush.


5 – The Corniche

With influences of over 90 nationalities, you will truly have a world-class dining experience in Aruba. With dishes as diverse as their people, enjoy everything from traditional Dutch, Asian, African and Spanish flavours. Expect the freshest seafood, fried delights and light fish soups. Serve it up with crisp cold wine as you nestle your toes into the sand – it’s just simply sensational.


6 – Aminah Bint Ahmad Al Ghurair Grand Mosque

Take in some of Arabia’s most ornate and intricate architecture at this palatial place of worship, spanning 15,000 square metres and commanding an iconic spot amidst Ajman’s dazzling skyline. White and gold tones underline the majesty of this spectacular building, which draws on Moroccan and Andalusian influences in its detailed design. The crowning jewel of this outstanding structure is undoubtedly the maze-style minaret, an architectural delight totally unique to all others.


7– Ajman Museum

Journey back in time as you explore the iconic Ajman Museum. Housed in an artfully-restored fort, the antique surroundings add to the atmospheric feel. Browse the expansive collection of authentic artefacts on display, and brush up your local knowledge, learning about life in this exquisite Emirate in days gone by. You can also learn about the history of the structure, which was once used as a residence for Ajman’s ruler, with handy guide cards throughout in both Arabic and English.


8 – Ajman Pearl Dhow Experience

Immerse yourself in Ajman’s authentic culture with a Pearl Dhow experience, learning all about the traditional pearl fishing trade which once characterised this captivating region. Soak up the warm Arabic hospitality from the second you board the Jalboot, served up alongside much-loved local treats such as ‘gahwa’ and dates. Relax on the serene waterways as your guide takes you through the history of the trade, and learn how to open your very own oyster, with the chance to root out a pearl hidden inside.


9 – Quest for Adventure Ajman

Perfect for families, Quest for Adventure offers a range of more modern attractions which provide a sharp contrast to the abundant culture and heritage sites. Chase an adrenaline rush with a spot of cable wakeboarding, and reach dizzying heights as you navigate a fun-filled obstacle course which guarantees hours of family fun. Alternatively, take a guided kayak tour through the expansive mangrove forests and learn more about the local plant and bird life.


10 – Qdeemk Ndeemk Café

Tickle your taste buds and sample some much-loved local specialties at Qdeemk Ndeemk Café, one of Ajman’s hippest eateries. You’re sure to fall in love with the ornate Arabic interiors, with authentic brass teapots and intricate wall art creating a warm and vibrant atmosphere. Be sure to order the popular dish dangaw, and enjoy mouth-watering flavours as you tuck into this chickpea-based dish. If you’re more of a sweet tooth, opt for luqaimat, a treat featuring traditional Emirati donuts served up with delectable date syrup.


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